How to write a good Blog Description

How to write a good Blog Description

Most of the newbie bloggers don’t know how to write a good Blog Description. Even, one of the common mistakes Amateur Bloggers make is, not using a suitable and compelling blog description.

Writing a good blog description is a part of on-page SEO for a blog.

Writing an eye-catching blog description will only take a few minutes. Here’s the ultimate guide to write Awesome Blog Description.

What is Blog Description?

A blog description or a meta description is description of your Home Page consisting of up to 320 characters which will be viewed under your website title followed by your site URL in SERP.

When you perform a Google Search, what do you see?

Of Course, you see a page with some blue links. This blue link at the top is Title of the site or blog and the sentence below that is description of that site. 

Best Blog Description

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Length of Blog description

The maximum length of blog description Google will show on PC is 920 pixels i.e. 158 characters. For mobile devices, the max limit is 680 pixels i.e. 120 characters. 

I strongly recommend keeping the length of the blog description between 50 to 158 characters. 

The goal of writing a blog description is to get the searcher to click through to your site. A good blog description will increase the searchers’ chance to decide whether the content is relevant or not and whether your site contains the information they’re seeking.

How blog description affect SEO?

Google announced in September, 2009 that blog descriptions will not factor into Google’s ranking algorithms. However,blog descriptions can affect the blog’s CTR (click-through-rate), which can positively impact the blog’s ability to rank in Google.

You should know that, search engines highlight keywords in the description when any search query is matched. This bold text can draw the attention of searchers which results in the improvement of CTR of your home page.

How CTR affects Google ranking? 

Clicks matter a lot to Google as Google constantly analyses data and adjusts ranking positions accordingly to clicks on particular webpages. If some blogs get a lot of clicks, Google thinks it’s performing well. If it doesn’t, Google thinks it isn’t. The better your description, the more clicks you’ll get.

Tips to write a good blog description

  • Always add main keyword on which your blog is focused into blog description.
  • Use personal words like “You” and “I” as most of the people like to be addressed. 
  • Write a short summary of your services or products, but don’t write a full list of all the products.
  • Do not use quotation marks in description. Because Google will cut off description at the quotation mark while showing it on SERP. To prevent this, remove all non-alphanumeric characters from description.
  • Include a call-to-action like “Try for free”, “Learn more here”, “Find out more!”, , “Get it now”, etc.
  • Do not trick visitors to click on your blog by writing misleading description which do not match with your content. As Google penalizes the sites when misleading meta descriptions lure visitors into clicking. And this will also increase the bounce rate, which is bad for SEO.
  • Use TotheWeb preview tool to check the length and how your Page Title & Meta Description will look like on the Google SERP.

How to write a good Blog Description

Option 1 – Adding blog description using Yoast SEO plug-in in WordPress:-

If you are using Yoast SEO, you can add blog description in the “meta description” section using steps shown in the video below.

Option 2 – Adding blog description using Rank Math plug-in in WordPress:-

If you are using Rank Math, you can add blog description in the “Homepage meta description” section using steps shown in the video below.

Option 3 – Adding blog description in Blogger:-

If you are using Blogger, you can add blog description in the “meta description” section using steps shown in the picture below.

Blog Description Examples

blog descriptions examples
best meta description examples
Youtube meta description
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